Wednesday, 6 October 2010

We have been invited to.....

 Thanks to Tracy who asked us to work on this project and also to all the school children who came to make the well dressings.

Our involvment with the Groundwork project to celebrate the Nottingham tram. we worked with some schools in Nottingham to make well dressings depicting the old and new trams. 
First we visited each school to talk about making a well dressing and all the processes involved in getting the clay into the frame, the design onto the clay and the build up of the finished image. 
We left them with some design sheets and asked them to think of some ideas for the final design. 
The teacher at each school then sent us all the children's designs. We looked through them and picked out popular and interesting images and then collaged them ( hurrah for photoshop and a scanner ) into the final design.
A week or so later we were back at the schools to make the well dressing with the children.

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