Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Get Set One Year to Go event.

The banners we have been working on for the last three months, with 17 secondary schools in and around Derby, were showcased today on the market place in Derby at the "One Year to go " event
setting up in the market place

attaching the banners to the crowd barriers

 Oh no a flat battery minutes before all vehicles were supposed to be off the market place. No need to worry though as the cavalry were on hand- our stall neighbours from Derby Boxing Academy and a very keen member of the public. Thanks lads!

 We were running a flag and bunting work shop.


A hive of industry at the Silk Mill museum

For the last few weeks we have been busy as bees...



 and photo transferring flags onto the corners of each banner, making sure we had the right flags on the right banners.

 Expert help from friends and family - thanks Kerrie and Ali

As you can see we were still able to do some light cat spotting. Nearly every day this little cat appeared in the museum courtyard.

Monday, 18 July 2011

At the Silk Mill Museum

We are very pleased to have been allowed to work in this space in the Silk Mill museum for a few weeks. Since Easter we have been working on a Cultural Olympiad project involving 17 secondary schools in Derby each making a banner which will be displayed at various events in the year running up to the start of the Olympics.

Friday, 8 July 2011

All to be revealed...........

Why I wonder am I trying to post at this time of night......  or rather the early hours. I should be fast asleep as we have an early start tomorrow.
Will tell later!!

You can't beat a bit of blue hydrangea petalling we always say!!!

A couple of weeks ago we were making well dressings at Quad. As usual we a had a lovely group of people drop in and have a go. Some enjoyed it so much they were there every day!!! We also had help from a group of eager beavers from Derwent beaver group.