Friday, 5 February 2016

Arboretum Spring Fest - Sunday 20 March

New ‘Friends’ Group celebrates Spring in the Arboretum

On Sunday 20th March the newly formed Friends of Derby Arboretum group and the Rotary Club of Derby are organising a Spring Fest which will include various activities to celebrate Spring in this wonderful city centre park. A key theme will be the pancake in all its forms.
There will be many activities including pancake races, pancake decorating, spring hat making, a drumming workshop, floral exhibition in the Orangery, clothes and bric-a-brac sales, craft activities and a photography competition. It is intended that it will not be limited to the traditional English form of pancake but will represent all cultural forms. So naans, chapattis, anything that is cooked in a pan and can be tossed!
The organisers are calling for any local groups or businesses to enter teams of four in the ‘pancake’ tossing relay races. The entry fee will be £5 per team. Contact Richard Benfield on 01332 824403 for an entry form.
The photography competition is open to all amateurs and is aimed at finding inspiring images of this historic and beautifully laid out park in Spring.