Monday, 30 December 2013

Welcome Tree @ Arboretum School

Here are some images of the wonderful 'Welcome Tree' we created with the children at Arboretum School.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Grove Lodge Christmas Sculpture

We had a lovely morning in the park creating Christmas decorations with the Create and Relate Group.

We made stars, angels, donkeys and reindeer using card, wire and tissue paper decorations.

Welcome Tree - Arboretum School

We worked with all the year groups at the Arboretum School to create a beautiful 'Welcome' Tree for their main reception area.
We spent 3 days working in the small hall to create a trunk, branches and leaves using a variety of techniques, such as papier mache sculpture and printing with acrylic onto fabric and textured paper.

Here are some of the stages of making the tree.
Printing onto textured paper

Buttoning our aprons
Printed leaf background

Branches and leaves attached

Arboretum School Arts Award - Batik

Week 3 - Batik
This week the group walked up to the park through the Rosehill Road entrance and past the Orangery up to Grove Lodge.
The technique we used this week was batik to create beautiful stars for the banners.

Each child practised their star drawing onto paper first and then used the tjanting tools to apply the wax to the fabric.
The stars will be appliqu├ęd onto the silk banners.
Adding the fabric inks
Drying the batiks
Some of the finished stars

Arboretum School Arts Award - Stencilling

Week 2 - Stencilling

We worked with the Arts Award Group in the lodge in the park to continue working on their silk banners.
This week we used an origami technique of a five-pointed star to make star stencils, we used metallic acrylic paint to stencil onto the silk.
Folded stencil

Applying the paint

Arboretum School Arts Award - Shibori Tie-dye

We have been very busy working with a lovely group of junior children from Arboretum School at Grove Lodge in the Arboretum Park.
They have been learning different textile techniques to create wonderful silk banners to decorate their school entrance. All the learning and work will go towards their Arts Award qualification.

Week 1 - Shibori Tie-dye

Knotting the fabric

Mixing the dye

Adding the salt to the dye

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Witchey Halloween in the Park

We had a busy afternoon in the park making our fantastic pop-up and down witches.
Parents and children had great fun gluing, sticking and cutting. And then we had a puppet show!

Flamstead Divas

We worked with the lovely people at the Flamstead Dementia Centre in Ilkeston creating clay divas for their Divali celebrations.

We used air-drying clay and used rollers and objects to press in and beads to decorate the divas.

Here are some of their designs.

Rangoli Galore!

Its Erewash Festival of Lights time again - the Divali Festival.
We worked with Redhill Primary School and Sawley Junior School creating beautiful Rangoli designs for their school celebrations.
Well done to all the children for creating a splendid display.

Redhill Primary School
The finished boards made a lovely display, especially around the large centre panel edged with sequins.

cutting the stencil

sprinkling the sand

Decorated with beads and sequins

      Sawley Junior School beaded panels

Back In The Day

Our latest project is working with the adult sight support group in Ilkeston and the young people from the Cantelupe Youth Group together reminiscing about the past and how celebrations took place when people were younger.
At our first workshop the two groups met and the young people chatted to the adults about their younger days and the celebrations they had.
We made stencils and painted with acrylic to create bunting flags for our end of project party.