Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Luminate Lantern & Light Festival 2016

Wow, what a wonderful festival we had last Saturday

Friends of Derby Arboretum, Spiral Arts, Rotary Club of Derby and Derby City Council Parks hosted a magical Lantern Festival on the historic Derby Arboretum as part of its community celebrations.
They were celebrating the park in its anniversary year of being open to the public for 175 years.  They invited the local community and people of Derby to come along and they had a great turnout of over 150 people joining the Lantern event.

The event started at 5pm with local families and friends gathering at the Orangery in the Arboretum. Lanterns made from willow and tissue paper, were distributed to everyone and they stepped out into the night air to watch the first dance from the Morris Team ‘Chip off the Old’.
The procession began towards the Boar statue accompanied by magical music from violinist, Helen Hitchcock together with ‘Chip off the Old’ Musicians. The procession trail wound its way down the paths towards the fountain which was covered by twinkling tealight candles. The Morris team danced their way around the park, towards the Community Garden and then led us back to the Orangery. The crowd were pleased to warm up with hot soup and rolls and more magical music and dancing. The lanterns made a beautiful display outside of the Orangery building, they will remain on display in the Orangery until Friday 11th November.

‘Such a lovely event, the lanterns looked beautiful, we really enjoyed taking part’ Lesley Marshall ‘Chip off the Old’ Morris dancer.

‘We were very pleased with the success of the event, the whole community got involved, and it was lovely to see all ages joining in. It was a great way to celebrate 5th November. I hope this event becomes an annual celebration bringing the community together. The Friends of Derby Arboretum are working hard to make the park a welcoming, inviting place to enjoy and meet.’ Jenny Anthony, Creative Director Spiral Arts