Monday, 30 July 2012

Carers Breaks

We have started our Carer's Breaks workshops at the Arboretum Park.
We had a nice afternoon, chatting and making paper.
We are looking forward to our next workshop tomorrow - 
Batik painting at Chaddesden Fire Station Community Room.
Liquidizers and kitchen roll

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Olympic Banners in Darley Park and Olympic Sculptures in the Orangery

Olympic Banners in Darley Park
We worked with 13 schools to create Olympic figure banners that were displayed in Darley Park. Thank you to all the schools involved. 
Derby Moor, West Park, Landau Forte, Merrill, Arboretum, Reigate, Bemrose, Gayton, Village, St James Federation, Murray Park, Lakeside, and Alvaston Juniors.
Here are a selection below.

Olympic Sculptures in the Orangery

Q. How do you transport 6 life sized Olympic "athletes"?
A. In a Berlingo of course.

Olympic Figures in the Arboretum Park
On Friday we went to St. James Primary and managed to persuade all 6 Olympic figures to get in the back of Jenny's car for a short trip along to the Orangery on the Arboretum Park.
It was a very hot afternoon as we cleared the space for them and put them in an elevated place in front of the windows for all the park users to see.It is a well timed display for the start of the Olympics and the school holidays.
They have caused a lot of interest and debate amongst the passers by.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Olympic figures

In the last few weeks we completed an epic project working with every child in the St James Federation of schools.
We made 6 x Yr 5 sized  Olympian figures depicting sports suggested by the children.
We had a terrific time and the children worked very hard. It felt very strange not turning up at the school on the Monday morning.
Here are 2 of the figures........and no none of the children are inside.

Sunday, 15 July 2012


Spiral Arts will be running free family art activities in the Arboretum Park 

Saturday 28 July 1-3pm LOVELY FLAGS to celebrate Love Parks Week
in the Orangery Building

in the Heart of the Park Building

Friday 30 August 1-3pm BOUNCING BUTTERFLIES
in the Orangery Building

Saturday 31 August 1-3pm BIRDIES & BUZZY BEES
in the Orangery Building

No need to book, just drop in and create some great art!!!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Carers Break Workshops


Spiral Arts will be running 6 textile-based workshops at:

Nottingham Road Fire Station Community Room
Nottingham Road  
DE21 6FP                                                                                         

All workshops are from 6 – 9pm with a tea/coffee break

31st July Tuesday  - Batik
28th August Tuesday  - Stencilling
25th September Tuesday  - Weaving
23rd October Tuesday  - Screen printing
20th November Tuesday – Sewing
18th December Tuesday  - Shibori (tie-dye)

Spiral Arts will be running 6 paper-based workshops at:
The Heart of the Park Building
Arboretum Park, Reginald Street Entrance
Derby DE23 8FQ
All workshops are from 12 – 3pm with a tea/coffee break.            
(There is a café next door)
19th July Thursday  - Paper-making
16th August Thursday  - Simple Book Making
13th September Thursday  - Collage
11th October Thursday  - Lantern Making
8th November Thursday – Sculpture Figures                                
6th December Thursday  - Mixed Media Jewellery Making

The breaks are available to all carers in the city, 
Please contact               
Derbyshire Carer’s Association to register and choose a workshop.                                                                                        

For more information please contact: 
Derbyshire Carers Association    
Telephone 01332 200002                                                                     

Monday, 2 July 2012

Allenton Primary to Merril College

All 275 children and the teachers from Allenton Primary School walked all the way to Merrill College yesterday afternoon, taking part in the Community Torch Relay. We rushed across town to see them arriving at Merrill College where they were greeted by a corridor of mini torches into the school.
It was very exciting and we were so pleased to have been there.
We wish we had seen this sight below when they were all standing on the Spider Island bridge.
Photograph source  on twitter #communitytorchrelay@DerbyCitySSP 

Torch Making Workshops

Have a look at the photo gallery of our torch making workshops at the Silk Mill Museum. We worked with 28 schools, 267 young people and 49 teaching staff. Phew!! We also delivered 5 more torch workshops directly in schools and worked on 4 park events to make mini torches. Click on the link below.