Friday, 30 August 2013

@Grove Lodge - Hula Hoop Weaving

We used recycled fabrics and wools to create lovely bowls and mats on a hula hoop frame. All workshops in the Grove Lodge at the Arboretum Park.

@Grove Lodge - T-shirt Stencilling

Another lovely day in the park spent stencilling T-shirts.
It is such a great space to be creative in, the Arboretum Park.
Some of our designs

Goldsquad Birdies

We got gluey and sticky with paper mache bird sculptures at Quad.
The birds are all sitting in the Quad window looking out, if you want to see them.
Here are some below.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Appliqued bag workshop @Grove Lodge

Last Friday we had a group of very creative ladies making fabulous tote bags at one of our @Grove Lodge workshops. 
Inspired by a selection of books we brought and their own ideas they soon got designing the decoration for their tote bags. 
Fabrics were held up and admired, discussions over buttons and sewing stitches took place and there was even time for tea and biscuits. 
At the end of the session everyone completed a bag to take away and here they are...

More shibori @Grove Lodge

Another lovely workshop at Grove Lodge.
Shibori really is a wonderful technique there is always an element of mystery and wonder as you unwrap your piece of cloth to reveal a completely unique piece of artwork. As you can imagine the pieces could be worked on further, enhancing by overprinting or embroidery.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Holiday Postcards

At our all-age workshop in the Arboretum Park, we created sunny holiday postcards of all our favourite places to visit. We posted them in the Grove Lodge post box to give our friends a lovely surprise!

Shibori with the GoldsQuad

We had a fun morning creating and designing Japanese Shibori fabrics with the GoldsQuad group at Quad.

We used inks, string, beads and elastic bands to create fantastic designs.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Grove Lodge - Block Printing

For our 4th art session in the Arboretum Park we created block printed designs using pizza foam.

It is such a lovely inspiring, space to work.

Here are some of the designs

Thursday, 1 August 2013

GoldsQuad - Felting Frenzy

At this workshop we created all things felty, felted pebbles, felted sheep, felted flowers. 
Here are some of the felt-makers concentrating hard on their creations.

Arboretum Birds

This was the 2nd summer workshop in the park for all ages.
We created beautiful birds using card, tissue and wire.

GoldsQuad - Appliquéd Bags

We delivered another great workshop at Quad with the GoldsQuad group creating appliquéd bags.

They used fabrics, batik pieces and bondaweb to create their bags.